Sales promoters/Displays

We are the partner you can rely on for the development and printing of attractive, top quality corrugated cardboard packaging.

Packaging is more than just product protection. It is an influential medium, providing information, helping consumers to make purchasing decisions and creating trust. In addition to this, packaging is often a statement regarding the quality and environmental compatibility of the product. All the more reason to ensure that packaging is attractively and informatively designed. The same also applies to large-format displays.

No matter whether new development or the exact realisation of existing concepts: we at Kunert Wellpappe know the process flows in the consumer goods industry and focus precisely on your needs.

Our solutions for your market success:

We supply flatbed or rotationally die-cut packaging to ensure your market success. This packaging offers a high load-bearing capacity while using the minimum amount of materials required. It has excellent stackability, is easy to handle, quick to open and ideally suited for top-quality printing. Our corrugated cardboard sales promoters thus provide optimum product protection while also functioning as an advertising and image medium. We supply you with the perfect combination of practicality and attractive presentation of goods on the shelf.

Our large-format displays are an excellent option for creating a high-impact appearance at the point of sale. Whether large orders or small batches, our production process is fast, material-friendly and cost-effective.

We provide you with the option of reviewing and editing your data on your own premises, allowing us to directly implement your requirements together. It also makes it possible to successfully realise spontaneous, last-minute changes immediately before production begins.

Strong performance, brilliant printing

Our printing process guarantees the highest degree of colour accuracy for any run size and all subsequent reprints as well as a wide range of colour options thanks to a precisely defined colour spectrum for process colours. How do we manage this? With our 6-colour “Ovation” print machine which can create your desired print design in widths of up to 2.80 metres instead of the usual two metres – and in near-photo quality. We also offer special colours such as gold and silver, which are sealed using water-based varnish. Our brilliant flexo-printing is available as pre-print, off-line or in-line prints, entirely according to your wishes.

Your benefits:

  • Our sales promoters provide optimum product protection in space-saving dimensions.
  • Our sales promoters are easy to stack, quick to open and can be printed to a high standard.
  • Our attractively printed packaging solutions encourage your customers to purchase your products.
  • We provide you with the option of producing a printed dummy in the same quality as the original before production begins to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • Cost-efficient manufacturing of small and large print runs.
  • Our flexo-printing process achieves photo-like images, even on large-format packaging.
  • Using our sales promoters /displays is also a contribution to protecting the environment because our packaging is 100 per cent recyclable and is returned to the paper recycling cycle.

individually planned for every requirement


Find the best packaging for your individual requirements together with us.