Bulging packaging is the primary cause of damage to goods such as maize, wheat, sunflower seeds or other free-flowing products during transport and handling. This in turn compromises the dimensional stability of the transport container. The packaging hangs over the edge of the pallet, the use of space on the truck and in the warehouse is not efficient and the risk of damage to the goods during loading and unloading increases. Strengthening the container walls would help but would also mean considerable additional costs for you.

Bulk cargo packaging

Our solution for solid bulk cargo:

We at Kunert Wellpappe focused on construction and have redesigned the standard 8-sided container for the transport of bulk cargo to create a 12-sided container. Instead of the triple-wall construction previously required, a double-wall design is sufficient to significantly increase the stability of the 12-sided container and thus the packaging for your transport goods. Correspondingly, in addition to the triple-ply external wall all that is required for reinforcement is an extra triple-ply internal wall.

Your benefits:

Significant cost savings thanks to a reduction in material.

The performance coefficients of our bulk cargo packaging can be adapted to meet your requirements.

This sturdy packaging is also suitable as a reusable container.

cardboard boxes with a special surface coating

Our solution for liquid bulk cargo:

The transport of hot and sticky fluids poses a major challenge for packaging material manufacturers. Viscous bulk cargoes with temperatures of over 150 degrees Celsius affect the glue in the corrugated cardboard, thus making it less durable. Together with you, we have therefore developed folding corrugated cardboard boxes with a special surface coating.

Your benefits:

  • The coating allows easy withdrawal of even highly sticky fluids up to Grade 5 adhesion.
  • Packaging can be supplied in all desired designs.

Optimum packaging solutions for your industry

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