Packaging for dangerous goods

Our corrugated cardboard packaging provides your dangerous goods with secure protection – even in extreme conditions.

Our goal: an efficient protection of your charge

No matter whether transported by sea, air, rail or road, your products will be safely transported using our corrugated board packaging for dangerous goods. For decades, Kunert Wellpappe has been developing various types of dangerous goods packaging to meet all the requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, firework manufacturers andautomotive manufacturers and their component suppliers. In addition to our wide range of own product lines, we also offer the option of producing individually approved items for specific use with your product. Our goal is to protect your load efficiently.

Our solutions for dangerous goods:

Packaging for dangerous goods made of single, double or triple-wall corrugated cardboard provides the highest degree of protection when transporting your dangerous goods. In addition to this, divisions and die-cut parts ensure the exceptional internal stability of our corrugated cardboard packaging.

Before your dangerous goods are dispatched, we test packaging containing your goods in accordance with the relevant dangerous goods regulations (BAM-GGR) published by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). Our laboratories at Kunert Wellpappe issue you with an authoritative test certificate recognised by the BAM – a service that many of our competitors do not offer. This service is also offered for specific use approvals.

Both Kunert Wellpappe plants have an approved testing centre for coding of:

  • 4G boxes (gross weight up to 400 kilograms)
  • IBC 11G containers (gross weight up to 1,300 kilograms)
  • 50 G large packaging (gross weight up to 1,300 kilograms)

Our own testing laboratories enable new corrugated cardboard packaging to be quickly authorised via existing type series approvals and/or type approvals for road, rail (ADR/RID), air freight (IATA) and sea freight carriers.

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