Overseas packaging

No matter whether its air or sea freight: our overseas packaging optimally protects your transport goods against all types of stresses and strains.

Overseas packaging should protect your products, allow simple handling and be specifically tailored to the requirements of transport by air and sea freight. Protecting your products during transport is our highest priority. To guarantee such protection, we develop perfect solutions for your transport requirements together with you.

Our solution for overseas transport

We take the dimensions, nature, sensitivity and component weights of your products into consideration right from the design stage. In addition to the desired filling level and stacking capacity during storage and transport, the method of transport and climate conditions also influence the product design. Our goal is your satisfaction.

We calculate the loads your overseas packaging will withstand before beginning the design process. This provides you with the certainty that neither condensation, contaminated water, or container rocking will result in damage to your products. With overseas packaging from Kunert Wellpappe, your products have the best possible protection – even on long routes.

Your benefits:

  • Our overseas packaging is particularly lightweight to save you transport costs and ensure easy handling.
  • If required, our overseas packaging can also be used for longer storage periods.
  • Our overseas packaging is stackable and able to withstand all infrastructural or climatic changes during transport.

It doesn't have to be wood - we offer a packaging alternative:

Our new stacking frames are a real alternative to heavy wooden packaging in overseas shipping.

  • They are single-material solutions and are therefore completely recyclable
  • They can be used for both returnable and non-returnable shipping without any problems
  • They can be set up without technical assistance, thus saving time and resources

individually planned for every requirement


Find the best packaging for your individual requirements together with us.