Intelligent shipping boxes

We develop packaging solutions ranging from small load carriers to container packaging together with you.

At Kunert Wellpappe, we focus on customised packaging solutions. We offer a diverse range of products from so-called small load carriers to container packaging. Together with you, we have developed product solutions characterised by numerous advantages over plastic, wood and steel containers.


Our solution for small loads:


Our small load carriers (KLT) enable efficient space utilisation. Our corrugated cardboard packaging is therefore delivered flat packed to save space and can be assembled without tools. Double-folded sides and the double floor provide special stability. In addition to this, our developers have also equipped the small load carrier with stacking lugs, which enable secure stacking of various box sizes on one pallet. This modular system allows small load carriers of various sizes to be stacked safely and compactly.

Your benefits:

  • Our corrugated cardboard small load carriers and Multiboxes provide space-saving intermediate storage, are stable, sturdy and easy to assemble.
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes are 100 % paper and thus fully recyclable and easy to dispose of.
  • In contrast to plastic boxes, there are no cleaning costs for corrugated cardboard packaging solutions.

Our solution for large loads:


Our Multibox is able to take large loads, while still being space-saving – and all at an acceptable price. Multiboxes provide optimum protection of your highly-sensitive and large-format transport goods because they have been specifically optimised for transport and storage in containers. Very little empty space is left in the container, which would otherwise need to be filled out to secure the load.

The Multibox can be assembled or folded together quickly and easily. When folded together, eight of these boxes stack up to only two metres. One truck is thus able to transport up to 400 folded Multiboxes in one load.



Small in delivery - big in use!

individually planned for every requirement


Find the best packaging for your individual requirements together with us.