What defines efficient retail logistics? Packaging which can be filled directly at the place of harvesting, which offers optimum protection and space-saving dimensions during transport and can be used on supermarket shelves for sale to consumers without any further oiperations. This is precisely the service we provide for you, our customers in the food processing industry. In close cooperation with you, we at Kunert Wellpappe develop packaging that is not only distinguished by its suitability for use in the field and cold-storage facilities, but also provides attractive presentation of the goods at the point of sale.


High-grade printing, efficiently packed: single or double wall packaging as sales promoters

No matter whether potatoes, lettuce or apples, our single and double wall printed packaging ensures your products get safely to the supermarket and are eye-catchers on the shelf. Using high-quality direct printing, our packaging can be designed using up to six colours. Would you like to print your logo or a product image and additional information on your packaging in photo-like quality? No problem. We at Kunert Wellpappe Biebesheim are specialists in high-grade printed packaging made from corrugated cardboard.

single and double wall packaging

Facts & figures:

  • High-quality direct printing allows the single and double wall packaging to be designed using up to six colours.
  • Our corrugated cardboard boxes can be supplied on a corrugated cardboard pallet on request, allowing both boxes and pallet to be easily disposed of after use.

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Environmentally-friendly and cost-saving: disposable folding boxes for beverages

We at Kunert Wellpappe also have the perfect solution for the beverages industry. Together with you, our customers, we have designed an alternative to the classic beer crates. Using a BC flute packaging solution that holds 20 half-litre bottles of beer, beverages can be safely transported over distances of several thousand kilometres. This packaging, made largely from recycled paper, also has the advantage that it makes the climate-unfriendly, cost-intensive empty trips required for reusable plastic crates superfluous.

Crates for crushed Ice

We deliver the crates in flat-pack form, allowing the packaging to be transported in a particularly space-saving and thus cost-effective way. No tools are required to assemble the crates.

Printed according to brand, your corrugated cardboard drinks crates also function as attractive sales packaging.

Facts & figures:

  • Equipped with stacking lugs, the 400x300x280 millimetre corrugated cardboard design is extremely easy to stack. The stacking lugs also prevent lateral slide of the stacked crates.
  • Our corrugated cardboard packaging can be stacked in layers of eight crates, five-high.
  • If desired, we can also supply suitable angular edge protectors from Paul & Co, the Kunert Group specialist for paper cores, edge protectors and core board, to provide additional load safety.

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Wellpappkiste für schwere Früchte

Stable and secure: packaging systems for heavy field crops

No matter whether pumpkins or melons: heavy field crops require particularly stable packaging. Together with you and the experts at Paul & Co, the Kunert Group specialist for paper cores, edge protectors and core board, we have thus developed a heavy-duty corrugated cardboard construction as well as support cores and angular edge protectors. The design offers optimum protection during the transport of food products weighing up to 400 kilograms.

Wellpappekisten mit Kürbisen

The key feature of our packaging solution is a one-metre-high box made from BA corrugated with the same footprint as a Euro-pallet. The box's four corners are stabilised using parallel wound paper cores protruding from the bottom of the folding box and which keep the unit around 140 millimetres off the ground. This allows easy lifting and transporting of the packaging by forklift and electric pallet trucks. The greatest advantage is that no pallets are required. The use of angular edge protectors on the bottom of the box and the upper packaging edges ensure that load forces are evenly distributed. Triple banding provides additional security.

Facts & figures:

  • Made entirely of a single material, the packaging can be easily disposed of via the waste paper recycling cycle. Expensive pallet pooling is superfluous.
  • The boxes can be assembled in minutes.
  • The individual box components are all easier to move than a Euro pallet.

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High-performance stability: 12-sided containers for seed transport

No matter whether maize, wheat or sunflower seeds: transport your seed products safely with our 12-sided containers. Thanks to a triple wall outer shell and an additional triple-ply inner wall for reinforcement, our packaging will not buckle even under high pressure. Bulging packaging is thus a thing of the past.

Facts & figures:

  • The container can transport up to 1.5 tons of seeds.
  • The design of the 12-sided container prevents bulging, thus ensuring that the dimensional stability of the transport container is not compromised. In addition to this, our packaging allows optimum use of space on the lorry or in the warehouse.
  • The packaging can be reused for up to twelve cycles.

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