What do glues, other viscous fluids used in the chemical industry and dangerous goods transported in bottles and cans have in common? They all have major requirements on their packaging during transport. Container sides, for example, must be particularly sturdy because fluids move around during transport, exerting fluctuating pressure on the container walls. Bottles and cans must survive shipping without damage. We have taken up this challenge and together with you, our customers in the chemical industry, created solutions to ensure the safe protection of your products and enable space-saving storage while also reducing costs.


The perfect disposable solution: a 12-sided container with PE liner bag

Our 12-sided container with PE liner bag allows, for example, viscous fluids such as glue to be transported safely, even over long distances. The PE bag can be filled from above, while the withdrawal outlet can be placed at the bottom, centrally in the middle or even concealed on the pallet, depending on your requirements. You can thus be sure that the outlet is protected against knocks. The use of high-quality kraft liner paper for the outer ply equalises the fluctuating pressure created by fluids moving around during transport. This also makes it possible to transport dangerous goods safely.

12-sided container

An additional advantage is that the 12-sided container with PE liner bag is a disposable corrugated cardboard solution. As such, the recipient of your products can easily return the container and PE liner to the relevant recycling cycle, making empty trips, cleaning, return and storage of the containers superfluous.

Facts & figures

  • The 12-sided container with PE liner bag is available in various sizes. The smaller version has a capacity of 500 litres and a rectangular design to match Euro-pallet dimensions. The larger version has a capacity of 1,000 litres and a diameter of 1,114 millimetres and height of 1,200 millimetres.
  • The containers are delivered flat packed and thus take up significantly less space in the warehouse and on the truck than conventional barrels. In comparison, one conventional plastic barrel takes up as much storage space as forty flat-packed 12-sided containers.

For hot and sticky substances - Special surface-coated packaging

For you as a manufacturer in the chemical industry, our special surface-coated folding boxes represent a good alternative to conventional transport containers. In contrast to conventional packaging, where high temperatures and moisture affect the glue, our folding boxes remain stable, providing sturdy protection for your products even under extreme conditions.

Facts & figures

  • Our folding boxes with special surface-coating allow you to transport fluids with temperatures exceeding 150 degrees Celsius.
  • The packaging can be supplied in all desired designs.
  • Even highly sticky fluids up to Grade 5 adhesion can be easily withdrawn.

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Feuerwerk über einem Gewässer

From fireworks to chemicals - Packaging for dangerous goods

Practically all products in the chemical industry must be transported in dangerous goods packaging. The risk of injury or pollution of the environment which could be caused by substances leaking from bottles and cans is simply too great. We thus individually tailor our dangerous goods packaging to meet your requirements for the products you transport.

Facts & figures

  • Customised and individually tailored to meet your requirements, our dangerous goods packaging enables the safe transport of dangerous products, such as aerosol cans and paints or chemicals supplied in bottles, spray cans or tins.

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