What do vehicle doors, bumpers, bodywork and machine components have in common? They are all transported in heavy-duty corrugated cardboard packaging. International manufacturers in the automotive and engineering industries have long-since recognised that our corrugated cardboard packaging provides secure protection for heavy products, offers space-saving storage options and can be printed for effective advertising.

Folding box for automotive.

Secure and efficient: heavy-duty corrugated cardboard folding boxes

Our stable folding boxes, for example, ensure the secure transport of 36 wheel bearings, organised in three layers. This load-bearing compartment layout enables your products to be securely stacked four-high - despite each box weighing 126 kilograms. Our folding boxes thus meet all the requirements which you as an automotive manufacturer or engineering company have for customised packaging solutions. Wheel studs and bearings remain free from load, the delicate bearings do not come into contact with each other and efficient logistics are guaranteed.


In line with your needs, our team has developed heavy-duty corrugated cardboard packaging in which the wheel bearings are placed in five cut-outs. Each layer of compartments is supported solely by the dividers between them, which take the form of bridge inserts. Packaging is delivered in flat-packs to save storage space. The dividers are, however, quick and easy to assemble. In addition to this, the packaging is also designed to allow robot-operated placement of the wheel bearings. This is the reason why, for example, our boxes have slip lids instead of top flaps.

Facts & figures

  • With dimensions of 800 x 600 millimetres, our folding boxes offer an area equivalent to half a Euro pallet.
  • Our folding boxes can be stacked four high, enabling optimum use of truck space.
  • As a genuine single-material corrugated cardboard product, the boxes can be easily recycled after use by returning them to the paper recycling cycle.

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small load carriers

Better than plastic boxes - corrugated cardboard small load carriers

Our corrugated cardboard small load carriers offer clear advantages over plastic boxes for you as an automotive manufacturer or engineering company. In addition to space-saving intermediate storage, simple assembly and excellent stability, our small load carriers have another crucial advantage - they are made entirely from renewable raw materials, meaning they can be fully recycled and are easy to dispose of. Use our small load carriers for the secure, space-saving transport of your screws, bolts, relays and other electronic components around the world.

Facts & figures

The modular system is available in the following external dimensions:

  • 296 x 196 x 153 millimetres
  • 394 x 296 x 153 millimetres
  • 394 x 296 x 292 millimetres
  • 593 x 394 x 292 millimetres
  • 593 x 394 x 153 millimetres
  • Maximum total weight: Approx. 15 kilograms (tare weight between 0.35 and 1.5 kilograms)
  • Maximum load: 200 kilograms

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