Heavy product packaging

We provide sturdy corrugated cardboard packaging for the transport of extremely heavy goods.

Efficient and ecological: with heavy-duty corrugated cardboard packaging, your extremely heavy products are transported as securely as with wooden packaging. Together with the specialists in cores, edge protectors and core board from Paul & Co, also a Kunert Group company, we at Kunert Wellpappe have developed heavy product packaging to enable efficient load securing – even when transporting through different climate zones.

Our solution for heavy products:

The basis of our heavy product packaging is a single wall outer shell, reinforced by a triple wall inner ring for stability. All four corners of the corrugated cardboard packaging are also protected with heavy-duty angular profiles. These hard paper angular profiles have sides of different lengths and are a major factor in ensuring the simple assembly and dismantling of your packaging. We can also supply heavy product packaging complete with fold-down loading hatch on request. This allows ergonomic loading of lower storage areas.

Your benefits:

Designed to allow easy handling. Packaging is delivered folded to save space and is simple to assemble.

The heavy product packaging is made entirely from renewable raw materials and is 100 % recyclable.

Under conditions of 90 percent humidity and 20 degrees Celsius, our heavy product packaging will bear loads of up to 50,000 Newtons. The design can also be tailored to your load.

individually planned for every requirement


Find the best packaging for your individual requirements together with us.