Quality management

When placing your order, you are also placing your trust in us. We in turn give you the certainty of a perfect production flow when we supply our corrugated cardboard packaging. How do we manage to do this? Thanks to active quality management.

Employee checks packagings.

We use standardised inspection plans and specifications at the Kunert Wellpappe plants in Biebesheim and Bad Neustadt. This enables us to achieve a high degree of process reliability, transparent workflows and, as a result, uniformly high quality standards. In addition to this, our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification guarantees the delivery of the agreed quality of your packaging.

Substandard packaging is not an issue for us – thanks to the in-house testing laboratories at both our plants, which have been certified by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM).

The benefit for you is that we are able to offer the highest degree of reliability and service. Our laboratories issue you with free, authoritative test certificates immediately after production; because at Kunert Wellpappe your satisfaction is our top priority. Our competitors generally have to rely on an external institute for such certification - and usually pass the costs on to you.

The Inline machine for corrugated cardboard ensures constant quality.

A wide range of products for top quality


Our promise to you: high-quality products, produced quickly and at competitive prices.

To keep this promise, our Bad Neustadt plant is equipped with one of the largest inline machines currently available on the market. As a consequence, we are one of the few manufacturers in Europe able to produce corrugated cardboard packaging with an operational width of 5.50 metres in a single cycle.


Your benefit: This state-of-the-art machine guarantees the highest degree of precision, delivering best quality machine-grade corrugated cardboard packaging which can be easily assembled and filled at your production facility.

Assured certification


  • The Kunert Wellpappe plants in Biebesheim and Bad Neustadt are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Our in-house testing laboratories are certified by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) to guarantee the optimum quality of our packaging at our corrugated board packaging plants.



Environmental management

Economical use of natural resources and the reduction of environmental pollution caused by noise, emissions, creation of dust and waste water are key elements of Kunert Wellpappe’s corporate policy. When producing our corrugated cardboard packaging, we consistently focus on your requirements and the environment. Short set-up times, active use of residual ink and our in-house waste water treatment system at Biebesheim allow us to avoid excess leftover inks, conserve resources and contribute to protecting the environment.

Recycling symbol

We set environmental standards


By your decision for Kunert Wellpappe Biebesheim and Bad Neustadt products you are also making a contribution to environmental protection. Because it lies in the nature of our products that our corrugated cardboard packaging is particularly environment-friendly. Why? Because our products are manufactured 100% from renewable raw materials, they are fully recyclable and impress with an above-average ratio of waste paper.

Kunert Wellpappe is a member of the RESY recycling system a strong alliance of corrugated cardboard manufacturers, waste paper disposal companies and producers of containerboard. By printing the RESY symbol on our corrugated cardboard packaging we guarantee that it can be recycled as well as disposed of and re-used by our partners at the Organisation für Wertstoffentsorgung GmbH (RESY).

FSC® logo

FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council®


Both corrugated cardboard plants of the Kunert Group belong to the FSC® certified corrugated cardboard manufacturers.


The renowned FSC® seal certifies that

  • …products originate from responsible forestry and that
  • …they are not blended with uncertified wood or paper during the entire supply and production chain on their way to reaching the consumer.


The original idea behind the FSC® is

  • …to safeguard forests against continued overexploitation and destruction, and
  • …to use specified management standards to ensure their long-term conservation.

Certified sustainability


The Kunert Wellpappe plants in Biebesheim and Bad Neustadt are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 14001:2004 and FSC®



Energy management


Our employees devote their energy and passion to meeting your individual corrugated cardboard packaging requirements. At Kunert Wellpappe Biebesheim and Bad Neustadt energy and energy efficiency naturally also play a major role in relation to the actual production processes. We develop systematic energy-saving measures which are applied across all corporate divisions and have the specific goal of relieving the burden on the environment.

We measure and monitor the energy consumption of our machinery and processes on a regular basis in order to identify and correspondingly optimise the potential for energy savings in our corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturing. When you work together with us, you can be sure that our products have been manufactured sustainably and in an energy-saving and environment-friendly manner.

Certified efficiency


  • Recording of the applied energy sources deployed plus confirmation of a management system to improve energy efficiency by TÜV SÜD in 2013.
  • In 2015 we are introducing an energy management system based on the globally valid standard ISO 50001.